Collecting and cataloguing

Procedure of collecting the museum artefacts and their incorporation into a museum collection is performed according to the international museum standards,defined by the International Council of Museums – ICOM. Special museum collections will be created in regard to the types of artefacts: personal objects, photographs, and documents (diaries, journals, letters). International procedures are adjusted to the specific needs and characteristics of the Museum of War Childhood.

ICOM and CIDOC standards (CIDOC Guidelines for Museum Object Information: The Information Groups and Categories) were used as the basis for the protocols, procedures and documents for collecting, cataloguing, archiving and presentation of museum objects.

The participant who brings the artefacts or documents to the Museum will be given a document that contains: the short description of the artefact, date, name and a signature of the person who accepted the artefacts in the name of the Museum, name and a signature of the person who gave the artefacts to the Museum.

There should be three copies of this document and one of them is given to the participant (person who gives the artefacts), while the two remain in the Museum.

The same document contains all the necessary information as well as the conditions for the informed consent to audio-video interview and the approval for digitalization.

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