Museum collection: Personal belongings

The crucial part of the War Childhood Museum represents a collection of personal belongings. While having edited the book “War Childhood”, the War Childhood team learned that 20 years after, many participants still keep many interesting memorabilia of their war experience. Moreover, the survivors have been not only emotionally attached to these objects, but also very keen on sharing their memorabilia with other people. However, these objects do not express much if standing on their own. Their importance is exactly in the meaning they have for their owner. Therefore, every item that will be displayed in the Museum or as part of our guest exhibitions will be accompanied by a personal story of its owner. The War Childhood Museum is focused on the survivors and their life-stories of war experience.

What could be interesting for the collection of the War Childhood Museum?

Everything. Every item you keep from your war childhood can be interesting. Among the objects that we have collected so far are, for example, the first pointe shoes for ballet that their owner got during the war, a burned book that its owner saved from the Vijećnica, IKAR cans of processed meat along with a collection of packages of humanitarian aid food, the hand-made dolls, a small stove made out of gutters, a swing on which its owner, a little girl at the time, used to swing on in the basement, etc. All the above-mentioned objects are as important as a saved piece of your clothes, a small stone taken from the playground in front of your building or some marbles that you kept in your pockets when leaving your home to exile. Any tangible piece of a memory that you could use to illustrate your story is welcome to the collection of the War Childhood Museum.

Have a look at some of the objects already collected: