War Childhood Museum Team

Jasminko Halilović

Founder and Director of the WCM. Founder and president of URBAN Association. Author and editor of several books translated to six languages, including monograph ‘Sarajevo – My City, a Place to Meet’ and ‘War Childhood’. Jasminko holds master degree in financial management. He is a member of Global Shapers Community established by World Economic Forum, a member of WARM Foundation focusing on conflict research, and One Young World Ambassador. He is also a co-founder of several companies, and a great fan of football and travelling.

Amina Krvavac
Executive Director

Amina is currently pursuing her master degree in children’s rights at the University of Geneva. She graduated as the best student of her graduating class at the International University of Sarajevo, where she studied International and Public Relations. She has also attended and successfully completed a course on European Union Foreign and Security Policy towards Western Balkan countries at the University of Pristina. Amina enjoys music, movies, and learning about new cultures.

Selma Tanović
Head of Research

After graduating from Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sarajevo, Selma has completed Advanced Master Program in Medical Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. Afterwards, she attended and completed another graduate program in anthropology at The School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS) in Paris. During her graduate studies, Selma conducted research on traumatic experiences in children and adolescents, and is currently conducting a pre-doctoral research on the same topic. Selma is a passionate knitter and a devoted yoga student.

Leyla Omeragić

Leyla graduated from McGill University, where she studied Cognitive Science and Communication. She worked as an editor for a Boston-based science journal until deciding to return to Sarajevo. Leyla is interested in curatorial practices and the longterm effects of childhood trauma.

Almedina Lozić
Collection and content manager

Almedina found her interest in journalism when she started working in youth programme on RTV SLO Radio Koper. Later on she enrolled to University of Ljubljana to study in the same field. After several years working as a journalist she moved to Sarajevo. Almedina is interested in post-conflict development and she plans to study in that field in the future. She enjoys nature, literature and listening to music in languages she does not understand.

Sandra Mehmedović
Translator and research assistant

Sandra is currently pursuing her master degree in English Language and Translation Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, where she also earned her undergraduate degree. After volunteering in the Association XY in Sarajevo for several years, she began working as their translator on various projects, among which she translated a workbook for parents of children with learning disabilities. Sandra is very proud of that book since it’s first of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is passionate about animals, nature, theater, literature, and interior design.

Alli Hartley
Washington DC Project Coordinator

Alli is a multidisciplinary DC-based museum activist and educator. She graduated from the George Washington University with a master’s degree in Museum Education and from the University of Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in History. Her work experience includes the Greenbelt Museum, the College Park Aviation Museum, and the Smithsonian Institution. In 2017, she organized the viral #DayofFacts social media campaign. She has spoken at ICOM, AAM and MuseumNext. Outside of museums, Alli writes poetry and is training to compete in figure skating.

Harun Buljina
Academic consultant

Harun is a doctoral candidate in the Department of History at Columbia University, with a focus on the social and intellectual history of the modern Balkans. He had previously completed undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan and taught English as part of a Fulbright grant in northwest Turkey. A native of Sarajevo, he currently divides his time between Bosnia and the United States. 

Jasenka Hoffmann

Jasenka has a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Mostar. During her graduate studies, she conducted research in the physiological and emotional reactions associated with PTSD. Upon graduation, she spent two years as a health psychologist at the pediatric clinic Mostar. Jasenka’s research currently focuses on cognitive psychology. In 2016, she completed a program in Expressive Art Therapy and Intensive Education at IGW Center in Zagreb. She frequently participates in international visual arts projects and exhibitions in the Balkans. Jasenka is a fan of strong, black coffee and a good dose of humor.

Lejla Hairlahović

After completing her studies in English Language & Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Tuzla, Lejla earned her Master’s degree in European Studies from the Center for Interdisciplinary Post-Graduate Studies (University of Sarajevo-University of Bologna). She is currently working on her doctoral dissertation in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Zagreb. Her research focuses on identity and collective memory. Lejla trained handball for ten years and later founded a school for handball. She is a member of the Croatian Ethnological Society. She enjoys handball, theater, travelling, and nature.

Smilja Janković

Smilja studied Political Science and French Language & Literature at Arizona State University. She then completed a Masters of Arts in Accession Politics of the EU at College of Europe, followed by a Masters of Arts in Slavic Studies at the University of Washington, then a Masters of Arts in International Law and Human Rights at the United Nations University for Peace. She is currently a PhD student at Otago University in New Zealand. She has worked and lived in the USA, South Korea, Turkey, and New Zealand, and has ultimately returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Arnela Mujkanović

Arnela studied at Academy of Fine Arts, University of  Sarajevo. As a receiver of DAAD scholarship she then completed Master of Arts in Art and Cultural Mediation at University of Bremen, Germany where she gained first experiences in museum’s curatorial practices. Her research focuses on methods of art and culture mediation, politics of art, institutional critique and ephemeral art. She is co-curator of several exhibitions inland and abroad, as well as art practitioner.

Alexandra Hartley
Educational materials developer

Lexi received her bachelor’s degree in history and master’s degree in social studies education from the College of William & Mary. She first traveled to Sarajevo in the summer of 2013 to teach English at a summer camp. She currently is a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at the University of Sarajevo-Faculty of Islamic Sciences. Additionally, she mentors students applying to study in the United States at the EducationUSA office and coordinates English outreach programs at the Sarajevo American Corner. When she is not teaching, Lexi enjoys reading and traveling.

Abed Moubayed
Lebanon Project Coordinator

Abed is from Aleppo, Syria. When the Syrian revolution broke out, he registered as a volunteer to provide humanitarian aid for refugees. He was involved in multiple projects for both local and international organizations in Syria and in Lebanon to support Syrian refugees. Later, he was granted a Chevening Scholarship to do an MA program in Post-War Recovery Studies at the University of York, UK. An essential course component is to gain hands-on experience in the recovery/development sector. For this reason, Abed had a chance to conduct his internship at the WCM. He remains a WCM consultant and is helping us set up an exhibition about the experience Syrian child refugees.

Elizabeth Van Veen
Editor and Collection Assistant

Elizabeth is interested in art, history, education, curatorial practices, and how these intersect with peace. Having completed her BA and B.Ed., she is currently completing her Masters in Education. She grew up overseas and has lived in Kazakhstan, Yemen, Canada, Germany, Slovenia, and Honduras. She currently resides in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Merima Ražanica
Museum Guide

Merima earned both a bachelors and masters degree at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, where she studied the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language and Literatures of Peoples of Bosnia-Herzegovina. She used to work for the Školegijum magazine and the Creative Development Foundation, writing about topics related to education, civil society, and youth politics. Her hobby is acting, and she has been participating in various international projects of exchange for amateur actors. She loves reading, traveling, gardening, and “do it yourself” house projects.

Bakir Branković
Museum Guide

Bakir is pursuing his bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Law in Sarajevo. He worked as a student tutor for one year at the Department of Legal History and Comparative Law. For the last four years, Bakir has been working as a tourist guide for Sarajevo and for other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well. Sometimes he also works as an English translator and interpreter. He loves travelling, history, and positive people.

Ena Kosanović
Museum Guide

Ena is currently pursuing master’s degree in marketing management at the School of Economics and Business, where she also earned her bachelor’s degree. She has worked at several non-governmental and international organizations by supporting the implementation of various projects. Her main field of interest is human rights, with the focus on women and children’s rights. Ena is still engaged in projects empowering women to become entrepreneurs (PoWEr), encouraging young girls to work as computer programmers (IT girls), and preventing violence against children. She loves nature, traveling, and movies.

Rialda Osmanović
Museum Guide

Rialda is pursuing her bachelor’s degree, in Arabic language studies and literature, at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. Before moving to Sarajevo to study, she volunteered at Youth Press Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and she worked as a presenter of the youth program at Radio Active (the first community radio in BiH). Her plan for the next few years is to learn more about Arabic literature and about the relationship between the Arabic language and religion. After actively practicing karate for 13 years, Rialda became a karate master.

Amir Badnjević
Software engineer

Digital database and collection management system.

Harun Kujović
Production coordinator

Website, printing, production.

Dino Aganović
Graphic designer

Promotional materials and social networks.

Skender Hatibović
Business consultant

Business development and market research consultant.

Belma, Lejla and Ajsela
Psychological supervision

Belma Žiga, Lejla Smajić-Hodžić and Ajsela Bučan-Varatanović, psychologists from partner organization Psiholab, provide education and supervision for team members, but also for participants in the project.