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Today, the opening ceremony for the #ChildrenAndGenocide exhibition, featuring a series of portraits and personal stories chronicling the experiences of people whose childhoods were marked by the Srebrenica genocide, was held in Stockholm.

Speaking on this occasion were Amina Krvavac, the War Childhood Museum’s Executive Director, Debra Barraud, the exhibition’s author, and Ann Linde, the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs.

“The powerful personal and human stories presented as a part of the War Childhood Museum’s #ChildrenAndGenocide exhibition, which is currently on view at one of Stockholm’s central city squares, force us to face the full scale and impact of the committed atrocities, as we move to connect names and faces with the reported numbers and statistical data. Through such foregrounding of the personal stories, we create an effective tool for fighting revisionism and dehumanization, be it in respect of genocide in Srebrenica or other atrocities committed elsewhere,” said Amina Krvavac.

We would like to once again thank the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs that supported the exhibition’s production, our partners Humans of Amsterdam and Srebrenica Memorial Center, as well as the Embassy of Sweden in Sarajevo for their support of the #ChildrenAndGenocide project in its entirety. The exhibition will be on view at Sergels Torg in Stockholm until November 30th.