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In 2020, the War Childhood Museum continued with the realization of its peacebuilding workshops for primary and secondary school students from all across BiH, although this was done in a somewhat different, online format. The WCM’s Educators had successfully adapted the educational workshops to fit the demands of their online implementation, while the project itself was, for the second year in a row, greatly aided by the German Embassy in BiH.

Although peacebuilding makes up the core of our educational workshops, this theme is also closely related to topics of human rights and marginalized groups – during one of the recent workshops, the students of Donji Vakuf Secondary School observed that “minorities, who are often at risk, bring a fresh perspective to countries. (…) to the government and the citizens, they can offer a new look at things, one they’re not used to. If we were to give voice to them, it wouldn’t be necessary for anyone on the outside to point out the problems they’re facing, they could do it on their own.”

In observance of Human Rights Day, December 10, we would also like to share with you the drawings made by the fifth-grade students from the First Primary School Srebrenik, who we recently had the opportunity to meet at one of the workshops. Their task was to think about what kind of a gift package they would prepare for children currently experiencing the consequences of growing up during armed conflict, and we were especially touched by the messages they wrote to their peers on this occasion. 🎈