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This evening, an opening event for “Speaking Out” – a temporary exhibition centering on experiences of women survivors of conflict-related sexual violence and children born of war from several BiH cities – was held at the Mostar Cultural Center. The exhibition will be on view until September 27, and is open for visitors every day from 11:00 to 19:00, with free entry.

Speakers at the opening event were WCM’s Executive Director, Amina Krvavac, IOM’s project coordinator, Margherita Vismara, Chief Advisor of the City of Mostar, Radmila Komadina, Midheta Kaloper Oruli, who spoke on behalf of women who survived conflict-related sexual violence, and Alen Muhić, who spoke for the Association of the Forgotten Children of War.

Krvavac stressed how proud the War Childhood Museum is of “Speaking Out”, since this exhibition “deals with an unjustly marginalized topic of conflict-related sexual violence”. Executive Director also pointed out how important it is that the exhibition was co-produced with women exposed to conflict-related sexual violence, and children born of war.

Margherita Vismara thanked all those who have been supporting people exposed to violence of this sort, pointing out that “this project is a significant one for the whole BiH and beyond”.

Speaking on behalf of the City of Mostar, Radmila Komadina thanked the exhibition’s hosts, saying how “tonight, Mostar speaks out and calls on all to support these women, men and children, and their courage.”

Alen Muhić thanked everyone for the support “coming in from different BiH cities” for survivors and children born of war, inviting the public to visit this exhibition, because the artworks presented “speak of courage of mothers and women, but also reveal how the pain that was inflicted on them never left.”

In her address, Midheta Kaloper Oruli said how women survivors “stand without shame” and “want to be a part of the society, but also want justice and their rights”, thus calling on the BiH institutions to act together with the survivors to make this happen. Oruli also touched upon the importance of the Exhibition traveling beyond BiH, as it is soon to be on view in Belgrade.

“Speaking Out” is set to visit Belgrade where it will be on view October 2-8, as a part of a theme week focusing on wartime sexual violence.