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Over the last year, the War Childhood Museum has implemented a range of activities that aim to ensure greater accessibility for persons with disabilities, particularly children. The latest of these was the WCM’s s first inclusive workshop held in March with the students from the Center for Blind and Partially Sighted Children and Youth in Sarajevo!

The workshop centers on self-portraits that make up the WCM’s collection, with the creative part focusing on learning clay-sculpting techniques necessary to create one’s own self-potrait. Additional materials that were used during the workshop, facilitating a greater understanding of the Museum’s work, were tactile images and replicas of the objects found in our collection, as well as printed copies of the exhibited stories in Braille.

Prior to the workshop, Aida Sarac, an artist and a museum pedagogue of the National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, held a training for our educational team on the topic of implementing educational activities for and with persons with disabilities, and particularly the integration of clay-sculpting techniques.

All the activities realized in the course of the project were supported by the Balkan Museum Network and with the funding of the Headley Trust UK.

Aida Sarac, holding up a clay self-portrait
Educator holds up her sculpted self-portrait