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The WCM’s pop-up exhibition in Järfälla presented stories of children from Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, thus showcasing wartime and refugee experiences connected to five different wars.

The exhibition opened on the April 30, and was a part of a series of events organized by the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Järfälla, titled “NoMoreWar!”. We are especially proud that the opening alone attracted over 200 visitors, and that many more will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition and read these stories until June 11.

Visitors looking at the panel with printed photo of the object, and its story. Closeup is on a plaid shirt.

If I Were a Police Officer

I recently celebrated my 6th birthday here at the camp. We celebrated by having kebabs prepared by my dad. Before we left home, mom and dad would organize big celebrations for my birthday. All of our family members would gather at our house to celebrate.

This shirt is a birthday gift from my grandmother. She gave it to me on my 3rd birthday, the last time we were able to celebrate together.

When I grow up, I want to be a police officer because they are powerful, and they take care of the borders. But I don’t want to be just any police officer. I want to be the head of police so that when migrants are crossing the border, I can send other police officers away. Then, I can help the migrants. I would never capture them.

Ali Reza, b. 2015 (Afghanistan) 

The Järfälla pop-up exhibition marks the third temporary exhibition for the WCM this year, as well as the second time that the Museum is exhibiting in Sweden – the 2020 exhibition titled “Children and Genocide” showcased portraits and stories of people growing up during the Srebrenica Genocide.