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This year, the WCM marked the International Museum Day (IMD) by holding a VR workshop for youth, setting up a library for children on the move at TRC Usivak’s Social Corner, and inviting all our audiences to visit the WCM’s exhibition free of charge over the weekend!

During the “Children’s Pages on History” (Djecije stranice o proslosti) workshop, we focused on children’s wartime diaries found in the WCM’s collection and Anne Frank’s diary. We approached them as sources that give us valuable insight into historical events from a more personal perspective, and the main topic we discussed with the Secondary Vocational School of Catering and Tourism students was discrimination and its consequences. To this extent, we also watched a video diary based on Anne Frank’s original writings and utilized VR glasses to visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. As a final activity, all students who took part in the workshop recorded their impressions and thoughts on the importance of Anne’s story today in the form of video letters.

A child putting books on shelves of the new "Merry Library". In the background, visible against the white bookcase, is a colorful wallpaper

Our second IMD activity began with the setting up of the “Merry Library” in the Social Corner of the temporary reception center Usivak – the Social Corner doubles as a meeting spot and a site of different educational activities for and with children on the move from various countries who are currently in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The WCM’s team put together a bookcase with children and youth who were at the Social Corner, filling it up with various titles, which include children’s books and picture books, as well as language learning textbooks.

Since we have only just begun filling the shelves of the “Merry Library,” you, too, can help us enrich its collection by bringing books and picture books for children and youth to the WCM – these can be in different languages. Still, we would especially point out titles in English, Arabic, Persian, German and French.

IMD 2022 activities were realized in cooperation with the Anne Frank House and with the support of the Rondine Cittadella della Pace, the Pope John Paul II Youth Pastoral Center, and Caritas BiH.