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At the invitation of Intersos Moldova, the WCM’s Executive Director, Amina Krvavac, presented the WCM’s activities and the entire process behind the production of the “Speaking Out” exhibition to members of the Intersos’ team, which currently provides psychosocial support to tens of thousands of Ukrainian women and children living as refugees in Moldova.

As the “Speaking Out” exhibition is co-produced with women survivors of wartime sexual violence and children born of war, the insights and experiences shared by two survivors who contributed to the exhibition were particularly valuable on this occasion. Psychotherapist Maja Saric, who was a part of the team that worked with the women prior to the exhibition, provided additional context.

In addition to fruitful discussions, Intersos’ main office was transformed into an exhibition space for the body maps that make up “Speaking Out”.

We are grateful to Intersos Moldova for the invitation and hospitality, and the opportunity to exchange best practices that can help aid survivors and refugee women who are currently in need of support and safe spaces.