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The International Seminar “Children in War”, co-organized by the War Childhood Museum, HERMES, and YIHR, and in collaboration with the Anne Frank Stichting, aims to introduce and highlight different educational approaches to presenting topics of war and childhood by utilizing the materials from the WCM and the Anne Frank House Collections.

Participants in 3 full-day online seminars will be working with educational experts from the WCM and the Anne Frank House – you can meet your presenters here – and have plenty of opportunities to gain and exchange insights, but also produce new materials and lesson plans suited to their particular context and needs. Please note that no admission is required for participation.

The Seminar, realized through Erasmus+ grant, is set to launch in Spring 2023, with the first seminar taking place on March 8. For all details regarding the seminar, including exact dates, and the program itself please read the full announcement here.

Teachers, educators, and individuals from different fields who work with children are all invited to take part, but participants who teach History, Civics and Citizenship, Humanities and Social Sciences will derive the greatest benefits from the Seminar. Registration is possible at the link below.

Please note that a short motivational letter, detailing why you would like to participate in the said seminars and how you plan to use your new insights, is required to complete your registration.

All inquiries and questions should be sent to the WCM’s Educational Activities Coordinator, Merima Ražanica, at merima.razanica@warchildhood.org

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