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Head of the Center for Civil Liberties and the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for 2022, Oleksandra Matviichuk, spoke on the occasion of the War Childhood Museum’s sixth birthday, and the first anniversary of the Russian invasion on Ukraine.

In her video address, Matviichuk underlines the importance of BiH and Ukraine cooperation, particularly in the fields of memorialization and culture of remembrance, citing the War Childhood Museum as one bright example of such cooperation. “Together, by supporting each other, we can achieve much more, contributing to the healing processes on the individual and collective level,” said Matviichuk.

Matviichuk also stated that the war in Ukraine is not led on the level of countries, but on the level of values, making it a threat to all of Europe. The war is fought for freedom and democracy, which is why Matviichuk called for solidarity with Ukrainian citizens.

The War Childhood Museum continues its work in Ukraine through its office in Kyiv. In addition to expanding the Ukrainian collection, and holding workshops for children and adults, the WCM’s Kyiv office is actively involved in preparations for the WCM’s exhibition in Bucharest, Romania, in May 2023.