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As a special guest of Romania’s European Night of Museums, the War Childood Museum unveiled its exhibition titled “Listen” in the heart of Bucharest on May 12, 2023. The event was organized by the Romanian Museum Association.

The opening of the exhibition garnered significant media attention, with the Romanian national television dedicating a one-hour program to the WCM. This exhibition, which primarily focuses on the Museum’s Ukrainian collection, also showcases artifacts from the Second World War and other countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Syria, and more. Notably, the display includes the stories of Ukrainian refugees currently residing in Bucharest, making it particularly relevant for the local community.

The following day, during the European Night of Museums, the “Listen” exhibition welcomed over 3,000 visitors. The long queues in front of the hosting venue testify to the immense interest it generated.

Jasminko Halilovic, the director of the WCM, expressed his satisfaction, saying, “We are delighted by the Romanian audience’s overwhelming response to the exhibition. With Romania recently accommodating more than 150,000 refugees from Ukraine, we hope this exhibition can foster a better understanding of their experiences within the local community.”

The exhibition will remain open for an entire month, and admission is free to all.