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This autumn, from 7th to 10th of October, 2023, the War Childhood Museum will be hosting the “Children as Peacemakers in Divided Societies: Educational Approaches” conference. The upcoming international project started by the Museum will be realized in cooperation with the International Association for Intercultural Education, the COI Step by Step, and the EuroClio – European Association of History Educators.

Sarajevo will be the meeting place of over 400 local, regional, and international experts in education, museology, human rights, and related studies. Participants from more than 35 countries will have the opportunity to participate in over 250 workshops, presentations, and discussions.

In times marked by ongoing conflicts and threats to democratic values and principles, all conference activities will focus on intercultural education and peace education. The main aim of the international conference, which brings together students, teachers, and academics from various fields, is to give an insight into the most recent discussions and research on issues related to intercultural education and peacebuilding.

Learn more about the conference and registration here.

Keep in mind that the call for papers for the main academic conference (9th and 10th of October, 2023) is closed, with the final program to be placed online in mid-September 2023.