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In early October, a delegation from the “Remembering Srebrenica Scotland” Foundation visited the War Childhood Museum. On this occasion, a meeting was held between the representatives of the foundation and the Executive Director of the Museum, Amina Krvavac. The assembly focused on the future realization of the WCM exhibition in cities throughout Scotland, with the support of “Remembering Srebrenica Scotland.”

“Besides shedding light on the experiences of children during times of conflict, our goal with this traveling exhibition is to reach out to diverse audiences across Scotland and inspire empathy, understanding, and meaningful discussions on how to prevent and mitigate the impact of war on children,” stated Amina Krvavac after the meeting.

The WCM had the opportunity to host members of the “Remembering Srebrenica Scotland” foundation previously. This collaboration resulted in a play titled “Inseparable: Lessons from a Divided Society,” based on testimonies from the Museum’s collection. The play recently had a highly notable premiere in the Scottish town of Bathgate, and performances are planned in West Lothian, Falkirk, and Edinburgh. “Inseparable: Lessons from a Divided Society” is the first play in one European country, aiming to promote ideas of peace, tolerance, and coexistence among younger generations through the stories of people who survived the traumas of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.