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War Childhood Museum (WCM) is opening the call for applications for the scholarship which is awarded annually in honor of the WCM’s late researcher, Lejla Hairlahović-Hušić, and which carries her name. Inspired by Lejla’s belief that education is the cornerstone of society, the scholarship aims to support PhD candidates and their research.

The scholarship is awarded in collaboration with the “Lejla Hairlahović-Hušić” Foundation.

The “Lejla Hairlahović-Hušić” scholarship for 2024 amounts to 3.000 KM, and is awarded to recipients in a single installment.

The call is open to PhD candidates who are BiH citizens or foreign citizens conducting research on the BiH territory, in the following academic fields: Anthropology, Archaeology, History, History of Art, Journalism, Law, Linguistics. Literature, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

All details regarding proof of research and its submission will be regulated through a formal Agreement with the recipient. Use of scholarship funds will not be subject to justification.

Decision on the awarding of the scholarship will be made by an expert jury named by the War Childhood Museum.

Please send your application to info@warchildhood.org by February 16, 2024. Use the subject line “Application for ‘Lejla Hairlahovic-Husic’ Scholarship”.

All applications should include basic contact details, as well as the following:

• Summary/overview of the research proposal for which you would use the scholarship funding (up to 3.000 characters);
• Professional biography;
• One academic reference.

The scholarship will be awarded by the end of February 2024, with the name of the recipient shared publicly.

All inquiries should be addressed to info@warchildhood.org by February 12, 2024.