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Like every year, we rotated our permanent exhibition in Sarajevo to share previously unexhibited stories and personal belongings from our collection. This exhibition focuses mainly on our BiH collection, with the remaining items carefully selected from our international collection.

“Section of the exhibition dedicated to other conflicts is currently highlighting the experiences of children in Ukraine and Palestine. Our goal is to amplify these voices and foster empathy for the countless children whose personal stories deserve to be told.”

Amina Krvavac, War Childhood Museum’s Executive Director

As always, the rotation is done following the WCM’s methodology and aims to show as many aspects of childhood affected by war. Based on the themes they depict, the stories in the WCM collection are assigned into 41 different thematic categories—classifications. Taking into account that stories may revolve around various themes, they are then given primary, secondary, and tertiary classifications based on the methodology. Examples include General danger, Shelter, Loss of a loved one, Refugee experience, Clothing, Play, etc. We use these classifications to ensure that each WCM exhibition shows the visitors the multilayered nature of this experience.

In addition to the rotation, we have also upgraded our museum equipment and produced new content this year. Visit us to explore our brand new interactive installation stimulating all five senses to evoke childhood memories.

The museum is open every day from 11 am to 7 pm, and you can find detailed information about visiting here.