What Do We Collect?

Personal Belongings

Everyone has an item that reminds them of their childhood; so do people whose childhoods were affected by war. The War Childhood Museum collects artifacts, from favorite books and an improvised dress to toys, that war survivors have saved to this day. For us, even more important and valuable than the items themselves are the personal experiences of their owners. This is why every item is accompanied by a unique personal story.

Video and Audio Testimonies

In addition to collecting wartime memorabilia, the War Childhood Museum is also setting up an archive containing the audio and video testimonies of project participants. They include remembrances on everyday life as a child in war, including: family life, housing, living conditions, proximate danger, experience with shelling and sniper fire, experience of displacement and life as a refugee, schooling, play and games, friendships, leisure time, health, wounding, and significant losses during the wartime.