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The War Childhood Museum Foundation was founded to further the work of the War Childhood Museum based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has an office in Kyiv, Ukraine, as well as projects in other countries. Its mission is to document, present and educate about the experience of childhood affected by armed conflict. By doing so, it empowers survivors and provides them with a platform where their stories will be heard. At the same time, the WCM aims to raise awareness and educate about peace.

Our work is supported by donors and partners who enable us to grow and sustain our activities. As our activities are still greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, donations of individuals and friends are more important to us than ever.

You can donate as little as 10 EUR to support our mission and you will receive an acknowledgment letter. If you donate more than 500 EUR, or when your monthly donations reach that amount, we will follow up with a letter presenting how your valuable contribution impacted our work. If you decide to subscribe and support us every month, we will also invite you to become our member. Our new membership program will be launched soon.

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