Together with our four partnering organisations (Basmeh & Zeitooneh, SadalSuud Foundation, From Syria with Love and Sawa Foundation), the Museum is working to produce an exhibition on the experiences of Syrian child refugees living in Lebanon. Through this exhibition, the Museum aims to:

  • Provide valuable insight into children’s perspectives on their current situations and statuses
  • Help children to better understand and cope with their experiences through:
  1. Providing them with an opportunity to share their personal stories, as sharing  their stories may support their healing processes
  2. Enabling them to connect with others who have had similar experiences, which could help them feel less alienated and increase their sense of belonging to a greater community
  • Raise awareness, especially among citizens of host countries, about refugee children’s needs and living conditions and, thereby, ultimately contributing to a healthy foundation for facilitating the integration of refugees

This upcoming exhibition is particularly relevant in light of the ongoing refugee crisis that has raised questions about identity, borders, tolerance, and empathy. It will show different aspects of Syrian child refugees’ lives and experiences, revealing not only their struggles and plights, but also their resilience, creativity, and hope for future peace. Through presenting  the children’s personal stories and objects, the War Childhood Museum hopes to contribute to humanising refugees in the eyes of citizens of their host countries, and subsequently enhance children’s position and reception in societies.

The exhibition will first be presented at the War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, after which it will travel to several other destinations including Beirut, Lebanon.

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