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The temporary exhibition of the War Childhood Museum in Ukraine opened tonight at the Kherson Literature Museum, where it will remain on view until February 2. The exhibition chronicles the experiences of children affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine and the occupation of Crimea, and was first presented in Kyiv in June 2021.
In her address, the WCM Ukraine’s Director, Iuliia Skubytska, stressed how important it is for this exhibition to travel to other Ukrainian cities, where it can reach more children and youth who became internally displaced due to the conflict, while also touching upon the WCM’s goal of becoming a global platform dedicated to the war childhood experience.

We hope that our exhibitions will help people who did not encounter war directly to gain a better understanding of those who did. At the same time, people whose lives have been affected by conflict can, in this way, meet people with similar experience and feel part of a larger community.

Iuliia SkubytskaWCM Ukraine's Director
The significance of the exhibition for the Ukrainian community was made evident by the number of visitors present at the opening event, which included government officials and numerous representatives of the media.
We are incredibly proud of our team in Ukraine for moving forward with the opening of this exhibition and sending a strong message of peace amid the growing tensions.