WCM’s first permanent exhibition opened in January 2017, and is located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The exhibition features 50 personal stories which reveal the meaning and sentimental value of the exhibited personal items. For each annual rotation, the stories are selected in such a way that they highlight one or several aspects of growing up in wartime, thus showing the complexity of the war childhood experience.

While exhibition is focused on experiences of those whose childhoods have been affected by Bosnian war, it also includes a section which presents stories of children currently affected by conflicts around the world.

A small library provides a space for reflection, but also for creative expression of younger visitors whose drawings and messages of peace transform the library walls into an exhibition space of their own.

Absolutely amazing exhibition. In the same league as the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam. Every major city in the world should have a version of this. Very important.”

JOANNE H.Visitor

I don’t think I can explain well enough what you experience in there. The idea is so simple and so touching. Having stories told first hand makes you feel like you knew the people and their families. Some are sad, some are devastating, some are funny and cheerful. You might shed a tear at the end. Put down what you’re doing right now and go.”

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