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Yesterday, we marked International Day for Tolerance together with 9th grade students from “Fatima Gunic”, “Dzemaludin Causevic” and “Hrasno” primary schools. Joining them in the conversation on tolerance was inspirational Dragana Seferovic.

Prior to the planned discussion, the students visited the War Childhood Museum’s permanent exhibition using interactive guides available on tablets and took part in a pop quiz where they demonstrated their knowledge about tolerance, while also expressing thoughts on the concept itself.

Conversation with Dragana

Dragana opened up the discussion by sharing her own life experiences, largely shaped by various labels assigned to her by society. She touched upon different parts of her identity, including those of a Romani woman and a parentless child, and during her conversation with the students, Dragana emphasized how important it is to understand experiences different from one’s own. She also spoke at length about nurturing self-love, especially since it gains added significance when we are faced with an intolerant environment.

The students had the opportunity to ask different questions but also share their own insights – a remark that stood out to us was that of Hamza Piro from “Fatima Gunic” Primary School:

The way I see it, humanity is like a starry sky. It is made up of so many different stars, and each has its own shape and position in the sky, but they are all shiny and worthy.

Hamza Piro"Fatima Gunic" Primary School, Sarajevo

All participants in yesterday’s activities received pencils from the WCM’s gift shop, while Hamza’s pop quiz answers earned him an additional gift package.

Finally, we proceeded to take a group photo in front of the Museum. Thank you for the lovely time!