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Last night, the opening event for the WCM’s exhibition in Belgrade was held at the Endzio HAB gallery. The exhibition, which presents personal stories, belongings and video testimonies of children from BiH, Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, and Ukraine, will remain on view until April 10.

In his opening address, the Museum’s Founder and Managing Director, Jasminko Halilovic, thanked the exhibition’s hosts, YIHR Serbia, saying that he is especially glad to have the Museum exhibiting in Belgrade. “The War Childhood Museum’s contribution to dealing with the past is an important part of its mission, and I hope this exhibition will also make this contribution,” said Halilović, underlining the importance of exhibiting items and stories from Ukraine at this time.

The WCM Ukraine’s Director, Dr. Iuliia Skubytska began her address by reflecting on her beginnings at the WCM, back in 2020. “When I started working at the Museum we were documenting the experiences of those children affected by the war in Eastern Ukraine. At that time, millions of children in other regions of Ukraine didn’t yet know what war is. Unfortunately, today all of them know. I would ask you for a moment of silence for all the children killed in Ukraine,” said Skubytska, stressing that visitors should carefully read all the exhibited stories.

Sofija Todorovic, program director at YIHR Serbia stated that “the stories of children have the potential to ensure empathy building,” but also allow greater insight into how wars affect children, both in the region and beyond.

The exhibition will be on view at the Endzio HAB (Dobracina 4) until April 10, and open for visits every day from 12 to 20 PM, with free entry. Following Belgrade, the War Childhood Museum’s exhibition will travel to Prishtina this April, and then to Venice in May.

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