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On Friday, October 21, Anesa Halimić, Hana Suljević, Adna Rebronja, Ines Lučić, and Haris Bošnjaković became our colleagues for a day as a part of the “Social Day” project!

These five secondary school students had the opportunity to contribute to various processes happening at the WCM, from the front desk and archival work to administration and communications. We were especially glad to have the students join us in the #PinkAtWork initiative, in that way raising awareness about breast cancer.

WCM's team, including secondary school students, pose for a photo wearing pink

The Association of Secondary School Students in BiH (ASuBiH) has been implementing the “Social Day” project for several years now, and its impact has been immense given the very limited opportunities that secondary school students have when it comes to gaining work experience. In addition to facilitating a smoother transition into the professional sphere, the wages that the students earn during the Social Day enable the realization of future community-oriented initiatives put forth and implemented by the Association.

This year’s Social Day brought together 1.587 secondary school students and 736 employers across BiH, and here’s what our Hana and Ines had to say about their experience at the War Childhood Museum.

The atmosphere within the team was relaxed and we had a nice time together, with plenty of opportunities to learn something new, but also to exchange thoughts and impressions on the Museum as a whole, and the experiences of those who spent their childhood in war.

Hana SuljevićSecondary Dental School Sarajevo

...I wasn’t expecting such good organization and pleasant atmosphere. It was a great experience, and I’m really glad I had the opportunity to assist with visitor work. I would be glad to return!

Ines LučićSecond Gymnasium Sarajevo

We are looking forward to continued cooperation with ASuBiH, as well as the future WCM editions of Social Day!