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A specialized theatre play for children and youth, titled “Inseparable: Lessons from a Divided Society,” addressing war crimes and violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the recent war, premiered in the Scottish town of Bathgate. This is an exceptionally valuable project by the award-winning theatre troupe “Collingwood Learning,” based, among other things, on testimonies from the War Childhood Museum collection and the book “War Childhood”. “Inseparable: This play is the first of its kind to be presented in a European country. Its aim is to promote ideas of peace, tolerance, and coexistence among younger generations through the stories of people who survived the traumas of war.

The idea for the play emerged after members of the troupe visited Sarajevo and our museum. Later, the project was joined by “The Gordon Cook” foundation and the humanitarian organization “Remembering Srebrenica Scotland.” Ahead of the premiere at the Reconnect Regal Theatre, Julie Adair, the director of “Remembering Srebrenica Scotland,” stated, “The students, and perhaps even some of the teachers, who will take part in this unique theatre programme were not even born during the Bosnian conflict. It’s a privilege to bring the stories of this beautiful county to those in Scotland and to tell of its painful history. There is so much that we can all learn from what happened in Bosnia, starting with the need for acceptance and tolerance of others, whether they’re from Scotland or come to our shores from elsewhere in the world. The accounts and testimonies in Inseparable are all real, based on the experiences of people who survived the horrors of war. Some have since made their home right here in Scotland and are making positive contributions to our society.”

After the premiere in Bathgate, the play will be shown in West Lothian, Falkirk, and Edinburgh, where workshops will be organized for teachers.