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The War Childhood Museum’s exhibition opened last night at the National Gallery of Kosovo in Prishtina where it will remain on view until April 30. The exhibition showcases personal stories, belongings and video testimonies of children from BiH, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, Syria, Palestine, and Afghanistan.

The WCM’s Executive Director, Amina Krvavac, addressed the attendees of the opening event, stressing that the personal experiences featured in the exhibition tell about the war from children’s perspective, but also underscore the importance of preserving peace.

“Here in our region, the War Childhood Museum’s work gains additional relevance in relation to transitional justice processes. Once the courts and international tribunals fulfill their role, the cultural institutions are the ones that carry the potential and obligation to help societies accept and deal with difficult past,” said Krvavac, thanking the National Gallery of Kosovo and other partners who supported the exhibition.

Kosovo’s Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sport, Hajrulla Çeku, also spoke on the occasion.

The international awards that the War Childhood Museum has won so far, as well as its very concept and the way it has been evolving, are just one aspect showing the significance of this cooperation. Our stories are from the recent past, and although the pain we felt was documented to an extent, we must put more effort into documenting these experiences.

“The presented stories make us notice resilience and strength in dealing with the past, important elements that push us to think differently about the future and maintain the peace we have today in our country, but also do more to give our children the best we can,” added the Minister, and thanked the War Childhood Museum for bringing the exhibition to Kosovo.

The WCM’s first exhibition in Kosovo was preceded by a successful exhibition in Belgrade, and will be followed up with traveling exhibitions heading to several cities in and beyond BiH