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International Peace Day is celebrated worldwide every September 21. The decision to observe this day was made by the United Nations at the General Assembly in 1981. Since then, this date has served as a reminder that the fundamental ideal of modern society is the achievement of lasting peace among all peoples and nations in the world. This year, International Peace Day is being observed under the theme ‘Action for Peace: Our Ambition for #GlobalGoals.’

Since its founding, one of the goals of the War Childhood Museum has been to promote peace and to work with children and youth. In 2022 alone, we organized over 300 workshops for over 4,500 children. It means that, on average, we collected more than one workshop every working day. These numbers reflect the dedication of the War Childhood Museum to children and its collaboration with schools, teachers included. This year, the Museum also organized training for teachers to enable them to use our educational resources in their schools. Over 50 teachers from 8 European countries participated in the program, and 25 are implementing jointly developed classroom activities.

‘The beginning of the new school year for primary and secondary school children in Bosnia and Herzegovina marks not only the start of formal education but also the continuation of collaboration between their schools and the Museum to provide them with access to education on peacebuilding based on the War Childhood Museum’s collection. One of the primary objectives of our workshops is for the children to recognize their role in the peacebuilding processes within their local and broader communities and to empower them to navigate obstacles and challenges on the path of peacebuilding successfully,’ stated Merima Ražanica, Coordinator of Educational Activities at the War Childhood Museum.

If you wish to schedule an educational visit or are interested in any additional programs the War Childhood Museum offers, you can contact us via email: visit@warchildhood.org.